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Obama leads BP's kangaroo court


Published : 24 June 2010


BP has contributed $US20 billion to a reparations fund without the benefit of a judicial process and its chief executive Tony Hayward is being pursued in the US media. Yet the global financial crisis that owed its origins to US banks and their astonishingly poor credit standards and absent regulatory regime are not contributing to reparations and the clean- up of the global financial system. Don't we need some balance in the way the bank perpetrators are brought to account rather than the kangaroo court on Hayward that is being led by the US President? I hope the President shows the same vigour in keeping the boot on the throat of Union Carbide (now owned by Dow Chemical Company) which was found negligent in the deaths of 15,000 Indians and countless other lives shattered in the 1984 Bhopal disaster. Where is Warren Anderson (the former chairman of Union Carbide) today? Let's have some balance please Mr. President.


Arthur Psaltis Sydney NSW

The Australian Financial Review